November 30, 2008


Hello to the person who's reading this very first post on my blog :)

Just a little bit of information on who I am: my name is Marloes and I'm a 24-year old living and working as a graphic designer in the Netherlands. I can't remember a time I didn't love to draw. So that's what I do in the little spare time I have, as much as I can.
I will post sketches and illustrations here and hope someone will enjoy that :)
As a sneak preview, I posted one of my latest illustrations on the top of this post. It's me and my boyfriend in a balloon flying around to find a perfect place to live, which we now found. We live in a little house in the country, with a small garden and a bunny.

I would like to note that I love feedback so comments are love!


  1. so very sweet and i am honored to leave your first comment...

    hello, and nice to meet you

    andrea ♥

  2. ha Marloes! jammer dat je niet wat meer van je werk hebt gepost, vind deze illustratie echt te gek!


  3. Thank you all very much!! I appreciate your feedback :D