February 01, 2011

Draw it off #1

Sometimes I'm working so much and trying so hard, I tend to forget why I have quit my daytime job to pursue a career as a fulltime illustrator and designer. I'm so caught up in 'being the best I can be', it's not making my work better. Time to say to myself "Stop, why are you doing this?" For the love of art! That's why I'm doing this!

I'm a perfectionist, by nature. I can't do something I'm not committed to, neither can I accept an assignment when I know I can't do a perfect job. Honestly, I'm my own worst boss. I'm not easily pleased and I push myself to do a better job.

I guess you get the point, right? Things need to change a bit, or actually I need to change.
I have given myself an assignment, something else from what I useally do. When I feel like I'm pushing msyelf too much again, I'm gonna draw the thing that's on my mind. These drawings do not require anything. No theme, no deadline, no prettiness, no pressure. Just do it without thinking. Like a diary, to shake my troubles off.

I've cut out several 15cm x 15cm squares to draw it on. No computer, only analogue. That's the only restriction.

So, here's the first one:

Draw it off #1


  1. Goed idee, er is gewoon ook zoveel leuks te doen dat het gewoon soms allemaal te veel is! Ik ken het wel, zucht

  2. I feel the same! I think we illustrators can be obsessive compulsive at the best of times. I think that my work sometimes stagnates and lacks spontaneity so I like your idea! And your drawing :-)