April 19, 2011

Kunstroute Emmen 2011

I had quite a busy weekend: I opened my house to people that were interested in art and maybe even my work :)

Below you see how I put most of my work in my little house!

I decorated the outside of our house with balloons and such.
In the garden behind our house I had set up some chairs and table so people could rest a little. I also made lots of cupcakes, had chocolate, tea, apple juice and orange juice. Not many took the time to sit down unfortunately. Most were in a hurry to see the other houses/studios of artists.

The weather was amazing those two days!

This is in our living room. I took out all of our books and replaced them with my paintings and drawings.

This is were I work. I like to work in front of the big window/doors. I love working with daylight.

I also set up a little shop in the kitchen where people could buy cards, badges, prints and such.

It was a great day!


  1. Wat netjes, zo ziet mijn werkplek er niet uit!
    Heel veel succes.

  2. Ik heb opgeruimd hoor! Hoewel het altijd wel vrij netjes is :D Beetje meer papier op de tafels.

  3. Nice to her that your house exhibition was successfull. it think so because they werde there, although not too long but they visited you and your works :D

    such a lovely idea.

  4. Wouw wat leuk om te zien, en wat netjes!!!! Enorm goed idee van die boekenkasten.

  5. @ Magdalena Nowak: Thanks, it was a great weekend.

    @ Nancy Kers: goed opgeruimd he? ;) Die boekenkasten waren meer noodzaak. We hadden anders geen idee hoe we het werk moesten tentoonstellen. Dus, al mijn boeken eruit en mijn werk erin :D