January 23, 2012

Please vote for me in Secret 7'' for Ben Howard's 'Black Flies'

Dear blog readers, I need your help on this one: I made an illustration for a competition at Talent House. It's made for the single 'Black Flies' by Ben Howard. I would appreciate it greatly if you would vote for me Voting is over, thank you all.

Usually I don't participate in competitions. Maybe it's because when I was a child I never won any drawing or coloring competitions and I felt like such a failure, hahaha! :)
I made an illustration especially for this song because I'm a big Ben Howard fan. His music are like poems and are very soothing. I've put hours of work in it and I hope that shows! :)

Artwork for Ben Howard's single 'Black Flies'
(click for bigger version on Flickr)