March 06, 2012

Books I like: Baby's in Black by Arne Bellstorf

As an illustrator I mostly like books with pretty pictures. I read a lot of books and also different sorts of books. Like literature, chicklit, biographies, picture books, children's books and I absolutely love graphic novels. In my opinion there aren't better books for adults.

When I was surfing on the web I found a stunning picture. I clicked on it and I was led to the website of Arne Bellstorf, a cartoonist, graphic designer, writer and editor, living in Hamburg (Germany). I found out that the picture was from his book Baby's in Black, a graphic novel about the relationship of photographer Astrid Kirchherr and the fifth Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe.
I love The Beatles. Combined with a graphic novel is pretty much perfect.

I haven't finished reading it completely but all I can say so far: it's bloody brilliant. The drawings are fitting perfectly with the look and feel of the sixties and I love pencil work. Bellstorf creates beautiful scenes and the pace of the book is really nice.


  1. ziet er fantastisch uit
    ik hou ook enorm van Graphic Novels

    1. Het boek is ook heel mooi! Echt een aanrader. Ik verzamel ook graphic novels. :)