April 12, 2012

Birth announcement / Geboortekaartje

A while ago I was contacted by a young woman, Marissa. She saw my work on Etsy and asked if I made custom birth announcements. I never did one before but I'm always up for making illustrations. :)
I wanted to make something different. Most cards have only the baby on the front of the card while I think it's more about the creation of a new family.
I suggested this to Marissa and her husband and both liked this idea very much. They gave me a lot of freedom creating the card which resulted in a better illustration.

Welcome little Oliver!

Marissa and her husband are truly AMAZING people. They will make fantastic parents, without a doubt. To thank them for the lovely assignment I also printed the illustration on a cute onesie for Oliver.


  1. What a beautiful illustration! And it was so sweet of you to include the onesie. :)

  2. congrats to you --- expanding your line-up ^_^

  3. Dear Marloes,

    Thank you so much for the most beautiful birthday card we could imagine! And for your personal approach!
    We will come back to you :)

    Roderick and Marissa
    and ofcourse Oliver.