April 18, 2012

Reading girl

Reading girl (bookmark)

I love reading but I dislike ugly bookmarks. So I created one!

I've been updating two blogs (Blogspot and Tumblr) for the last 3 months and I'm thinking of switching to Tumblr permanently. It's quite a bit of work updating two blogs, Flickr, Dribbble, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.
Any objections? Please let me know. :)

Here's my Tumblr blog


  1. This bookmark is soo nice!
    hahaha, I think we have a lot of "internet gadgets" and it's driving us crazy XD.

    1. Sometimes it's a bit too much, right? It is driving me nuts at times! :D

  2. So perfect!! I love green/red color palettes, they're my favorite! This just makes me so happy! :)

  3. What a chance! I was looking at Jessie Willcox Smith's bed time book illustration all the day and come across to your beautiful one too!