August 20, 2011

Ten Paces and Draw

I participate in a wonderful initiative set up by Alyssa Nasser, called Ten Paces and Draw. Every week there's a theme. You make a sketch fitting that theme, send it in and you get someone else's sketch to finish into an illustration.

I got a sketch (on the left) and made it into the illustration on the right.
It's fun to do because I get the train my skills and thought process.

You can see my sketch here.
And my final illustration here.


  1. what a clever way to swap art and ideas! I like your "imperfect" entry for IF, too!

  2. Seeing that you have a lot of fun while illustrating. Wishing you a lot of happiness in the future too, they are lovely, you pictures!

  3. @ Heather: I really like the project! And thank you! :D

    @ Anna Emilia: illustration is my biggest love :) Thanks so much!