December 06, 2011

Books I like: Bulle und Pelle by Kilian Leypold and Ina Hattenhauer

Don't you just love packages in the mail? I sure do! Especially when they contain fun stuff, like the package you see below. I got it from my friend Ina Hattenhauer, a very talented illustrator from Germany.

In the big envelope there was an advent calendar with lovely illustrations from different artists and a copy of 'Bulle und Pelle', a book Ina illustrated.

'Bulle und Pelle' is about Bulle, a young boy and his bunny Pelle. One day Pelle dies. So Bulle goes looking for Pelle but he's nowhere to be found. Untill Bulle meets a stranger who gives him some insight about where Pelle can be found.

The story is very endearing. I think it's a wonderful book to give to young children who are dealing with the loss of a loved one. Ina's illustration are lovely. Very simple lines but spot on. The translate the feeling throughout the book into images very well.
Unfortunately the book is only available in German but if you speak the language a little it's not very difficult to read. I think the illustrations are beautiful enough the buy the book anyhow though! :D
Ina just informed me that the book is being translated into Danish and Korean too!

You can order the book from

Ina was kind enough to write a personal message for me in the book!


  1. Oh, Marloes, I'm happy you liked it! Thank you for this big post :) And I got the news by the publishing company that the book is now translated into Danish and Korean…:)

  2. Wow, that's wonderful news! Congratulations!